A brief historyBrief History

Sunny's Local Grind is a concept that was thought of from 3 different points of view, and in tangent, 3 business partners and friends went in on this cafe motivated and excited. We have all been in the restaurant industry wearing many different hats, each with over 20 years of experience. 

The construction took slightly longer than expected but we are delighted with the outcome. One major accomplishment, we partnered with a local artist to paint a wall mural that has brightened up the neighborhood and has been the subject of many photos from passersby. We got vendor partnerships and ideas from attending the Made in Hawaii festival and have been lucky to have brought in many locally-made products from local small businesses. We are all passionate about sustainability and caring for our neighborhood and the places we frequent. We support local artists by having them display their art and sell it directly, giving them 100% of the proceeds. We also proudly sell locally-made retail items. It took 3 minds to make this happen, and we are so pleased with how it has turned out. This all happened by deliberately planning to work with and support small businesses and having the tenacity to search for quality more than the lowest price.  

Where we are today

We are 6 months into an exhausting, trying, fabulous, exciting, and amazing cafe being opened. We are blessed to have the most wonderful staff who all work hard, persevere through opening pains, and show a strong and independent work ethic. They are all wonderful and we couldn't be happier. 

Putting the white canvas over the orange wall
The artist at work, Skye you're amazing! 

Finished mural, we're here Waikiki!