Do you serve breakfast all day?

Yes! Our kitchen is open from 7 am to 4 pm, the full menu is available all day. So, if you are in the mood for chicken wings and fries for breakfast, or want eggs for dinner, we are your place! 

We have coffee and pastries available from 6 am to 5 pm so come see us for a snack before or after our kitchen is open.

Where are you located?

We are just outside of Waikiki at 464 Ena Rd. We are next door to Chiba-ken, down the street from the Irish Rose Saloon or the Hilton Hawaiian Village, depending on what direction you are heading. 

Where is your coffee from?

We are proudly serving Maui Oma coffee for espresso, drip, and cold brew. 

Do you take reservations?

We do not. We are a quick-service cafe, come on in and order at the counter and we'll do the rest. You can skip the line by ordering online, see our QR code on our home page. We do not provide delivery yet but keep your eye out for it to start really soon

Do you cater?

We are happy to cater to anyone, please inquire for more information at, or